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| Sundays at 9:30 am |

 Sheri Chapman is our Children's Ministry Director. Sheri will be overseeing the entire Children's ministry and will be preparing lessons and teaching in the Elementary Children's class. Sheri has a heart and a love for the spiritual education of children.

Sheri Chapman

Kids Playing with Lego

Our Toddler and Preschool program focuses on the fact that God made them, God loves them and He will always be with them. It is designed to teach preschoolers the Bible in an age-appropriate, hands-on way! Each week kids experience lessons from the Bible through singing, dancing, jumping, clapping, praising, playing games, doing crafts, and hearing engaging Bible stories specifically for their age that help them love God’s Word and begin applying it to their young lives.

Our Elementary starts off with kids gathering in the Elementary Game room to connect with other kids and volunteers. When service starts they move into the Elementary Auditorium for a fast, noisy, zany, multi-media, kid-focused, virtue-driven extravaganza! This 75-minute conglomeration combines two mixed up hosts, several wacky actors, cool Christian tunes, captivating videos, high-energy worship, and larger than life games to present a profound message and help them learn God’s word in a fun and exciting way. Elementary ministry’s goal is to connect kids with God, equip them to reach out, and teach them to apply the Bible to everyday life.

Kids Blowing Bubbles
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