Soaring Eagles Senior Adults


Soaring Eagles Potluck

Friday, February 14 @ 6pm

Featuring Bill Wilkinson and the All-Star Jazz Band

Who we are:

The Soaring Eagles is a ministry for all adults ages 50 and over. We meet once a month -- usually the second Friday -- to enjoy fellowship and bonding with one another. We have potlucks with special, outstanding entertainment. Birthdays and anniversaries are acknowledged with a gift as well as gifts for door prizes. We enjoy taking trips for plays, dinners at restaurants as well as to see the Christmas lights. It is a great group full of Christian love. What fun we have.

For more information, please contact our senior pastor, Donnie Bennett at: or by phone: 303.776.4225.

Job 12:12 Nasb

12 Wisdom is with aged men, and with long life is understanding.