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NCC opens May 31

NCC opens this Sunday - May 31, Pentecost!

We've created a safe, clean experience for you to come and soak up God's presence and worship Him in the corporate anointing! We'll share a time of Praise & Worship with guest worship leader Willy Counts along with Krista and the team; and Pastor Donnie has a powerful Pentecost message for our church family! You can attend in person, or on our livestream at live.newcreation.net or our YouTube channel. It all starts at 9:30 am!

We'll have less than half the normal capacity in the auditorium as we'll be ensuring safe distancing between families and individuals. Once we fill up the auditorium, we'll also have video overflow rooms available.

If you attend in person, we look forward to seeing you! Come directly to the East doors - facing Roosevelt Park. 

  • We'll open the doors at 9:00 am. We'll have greeters at the door to welcome you.
  • Once you enter, simply follow the direction of the ushers. Our ushers will have masks on for your safety. 
  • You'll see lines taped on the floor that are 6 feet apart. Use these lines to help you maintain that distance between families.
  • As you follow the direction from the ushers, they'll have offering envelopes and pens for anyone who needs them. They'll also have masks available for you if you prefer to wear one; but we won't require it.
  • The ushers will direct you right to your seats. We'll fill up the main floor of the auditorium from front to back and then we'll fill the balcony before going on to video overflow rooms. We'll only be filling half of the rows, and we'll put three empty seats between each family to ensure safe distancing.
  • Bring your kids with you! Pastor Debi has something special for the kids who attend. And before the service begins, we'll be playing some of the same videos on the big screens that they've seen in their kids' classes. (Parents, please keep your kids seated with you as we do our best to hold their attention.)
  • Once you're seated, please stay in your seats unless you need to use a restroom. Restrooms are open; limited to 2 people at a time.
  • The ushers will be back to help us dismiss everyone safely at the end of the service; and the pastoral staff will be available to pray with you. We'll provide instructions during the service Sunday.


Common questions
Can I come in and save seats for my family who will be coming in a little later?
  • Unfortunately, no. Our ushers will be working quickly to get everyone seated based on the number of people with you.
What sort of cleaning have you done to prepare to reopen the building?
  • We have a professional cleaning service that we've contracted since early this year. They'll be doing a deep cleaning and disinfecting this Saturday before our service. Going forward, they'll be back to clean inside the entire building every Tuesday evening and Saturday evening.
  • During the service, we'll be disinfecting surfaces and restrooms.
What about donuts and coffee?
  • We can't provide these refreshments right now; but we have every intention of going back to donuts, fruit, and coffee as soon as it's safe to do so!
With less than half the normal seats available, wouldn't it be better if I wait to attend when all the seats are open again?
  • That's certainly an option. We're committed to livestreaming our Sunday services long-term and we're making improvements. In fact, this week (barring any more last-minute glitches) we'll have lyrics on the bottom of your screens to make it easier to worship with us from home.
  • As we said last week, if you're not feeling well, have health risks, or you're okay with staying at home a little longer so that others can attend in person, please feel free to stay home!
Will we still have Zoom meetings now that we're back in the building?
  • We'll continue holding Zoom meetings as well as meet in the auditorium for our Wednesday evening prayer meetings and Friday morning prayer meetings. Join us either way.
  • For other meetings, check with the ministry leader.

upcoming meetings and livestreams

Sunday - May 31

Wednesday - June 3

Friday - June 5

Sunday - June 7

Message from Pastor Donnie Bennett - April 29

here's how to join our ZOOm meetings

There are two methods to join our Zoom meetings:

Join by video!

If you have a smartphone or a computer with a webcam, you can join by video - with the ability to see others and let them see you! To do this, you just need the free Zoom app and a free account.

To get the free Zoom app:

  • On iOS/iPadOS or Android, search for the “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and install it on your device. Sign up for a free account in order to use the app and connect to our meetings.
  • On your computer, go to www.zoom.us in your browser, and click on “SIGN UP, IT’S FREE”. Then follow the directions on the website to sign up for a free account and download the app to your computer.

To join an NCC meeting from the app on a smartphone:

  • Click on the Zoom app to open it.
  • Click on the “Join” button.
  • Enter the Meeting ID for the specific meeting listed above.
  • Type your name.
  • Click Join.
  • If you’re asked about joining by computer audio or phone, select computer audio.

Join by Dial-in

To join an NCC meeting by dialing from your cell phone:

  • Dial 1(669)900-6833 (This is a long distance call. Only dial this from a cell phone with an unlimited calling plan.)
  • When prompted for the Meeting ID, dial the meeting number (usually 303-776-4225) followed by #.
  • Then just wait to be added to the call.

Call us if you have any questions at (303) 776-4225 or email us at office@newcreation.net.

New creation Church

New Creation Church is a non-denominational church located in the heart of Longmont, Colorado across the street from Roosevelt Park.

We are a non-denominational, Word of Faith, Charismatic, Full Gospel community of people who believe that God is interested in the lives of people from every walk of life.

Our approach to church is simple: provide environments that help people to Grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ, Connect with others in study and support group settings, encourage the use of the gifts and abilities that God has given each person to Serve others and Reach out to those who may not yet know Jesus Christ.

Come visit us in person! Our prayer for you is that you will experience the reality of God's love and presence in a new and fresh way.

Get ready, something good is about to happen in your life!

Pastor Donnie Bennett

Senior Pastor

Service Times:

Sunday 9:30 am

737 Bross St.

Longmont, Colorado 80501


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New Creation Church

737 Bross St

Longmont, CO 80501

(303) 776-4225 Phone

Sunday Service:

9:30 am